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Free Air Proxy allows you to bypass website filters at your school or workplace, and surf the web anonymously. You can use this site to unblock Facebook, Youtube, twitter, myspace, or any other website. Free Air Proxy also allows you to visit websites anonymously. The purpose of this service is to allow visitors a safe and secure way to keep their legal surfing habits private. It is prohibited to use the Free Air Proxy service for any illegal activity.

  • HTTPS modes (https://air-proxy.com) are more secure and accessable than (http://air-proxy.com:82/). You should always use https:// link if available to you. Please ignore any browser warnings sent to you when using the HTTPS link, and accept the certificate.

  • Light blue links in the gateway list symbolize special routes to air-proxy.com that don't appear to be so at first glance. This is so if someone checks the browser or network link history, it will appear you've only been browsing those sites, and not using a proxy.

  • It's always best to clear your browser history when finished.

    In Internet Explorer: Tools -> Internet options -> Temporary internet files and history -> Delete.

    In Firefox: Tools -> Clear Private Data
  • Pages loading slow? Be patient. Some connections get sent through tor, a network of load balanced proxy servers around the world.


Air Proxy surf online anonymously from work, school or home..,hide your IP address -You can Browse websites easily and safely,Watch YouTube, visit Facebook, forums, and instant message friends.

Air proxy is a 100% free secure proxy website

Numerous of us have decided to utilize the internet to do many kinds of points. So as to ensure that the entire things could be perfectly carried out, there are lots of kinds of items that we should know concerning the internet very first. Some of us might want to utilize the world wide web services in the office or inside the spot they work. Surely, they should set some outstanding network method in their workplace network. So that you can have the excellent network, they really should try to make use of the exceptional proxy server. Speaking about the anonymous server, they may have some probabilities to utilize the Air proxy .

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Based on some users, the Air proxy has been considered as the best kind of anonymous server that would be useful to deal with the network. It would give us a lot of advantages. It would be something even far better than the other types of proxy servers. According to some users, this kind of anonymous server would give us some chances to make sure that the whole world wide web activities could be perfectly completed. It will be the perfect remedy for many people who had to deal with the net activities.that allows you to surf anonymously and safely from work, school or home, You can Browse websites easily ,Watch YouTube, visit Facebook,forums, and instant message friends,unblock web filters, allowing you to view restricted sites.Air proxy it allows you to browse popular social networking sites such as Bebo,,Orkut, Friendster and many other sites that your school, work or library have blocked.Air proxy also maintains your anonymity ,keeping you secure.Your IP address will be hidden.Air Proxy Web

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This Air proxy also helps to protect your privacy and identity online by ensuring that you do not store any passwords or cookies on the computer that you are using. This means that by using this proxy site on a public computer you can feel safe knowing that your passwords and identity remain safe. Thank you for using air proxy, a free web proxy site. Be sure to bookmark us and to tell your friends!. Feel free to browse 24/7 with Air Proxy